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UKMASC  Facebook Community page -
our bulletin board and public information point for news and events

All UKMASC committee members and breeders are members of MASCUSA, the parent club and registry for MAS. This site is an invaluable source of information about the breed and is a must-view for anyone thinking about having a MAS.

All MAS in the UK are entered on the Kennel Club Activities Register which enables them to compete in all KC sporting events such as Agility, Obedience, Flyball, Working Trials etc.

UKMASC breeding dogs are registered as pedigree dogs with the American Kennel Club.
In time it is hoped to put this breed on the KC Import Register and eventually to full KC Breed Registry recognition in the UK.

MARS - the US-based breed rescue Society.
It is the first rescue group devoted exclusively to Miniature Australian and American Shepherds. Their goal is caring for, evaluating, and finding new homes for dogs in need and educating people about this wonderful breed.

ASHGI - the Australian Shepherd health and Genetics Institute. Lots of information about genetics and hereditary disease in the Australian Shepherd, and by default, the MAS.

Agilitywear is the stockist and embroiderer of our club clothing