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UKMASC has a Committee and Officers who provide the management and the entire operation.
We're always happy to talk about MAS and to answer any questions you may have about the breed - simply contact us using the email button below.

However please remember that the club is run by volunteers who take time out of their work and private lives to offer you this service. We could direct you to an automated answering service but we're sure that's not what you want to talk to. We're only human; a reply may take a few days.

Club funds are provided by members' annual contributions, which allows us to cover our affiliation fees and some of the operating costs such as this website, email, stationary etc.

UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd tricolour blue merle dog running along wall

Mrs Heather Noddle
Vice Chairman
Miss Samantha Laming
Mrs Annette Stockton
Mr George Hume
Assistant Treasurer
Mrs Nicole Hume
Events Co-ordinator
Miss Georgette Kluiters
Rescue Co-ordinator
Mr Noah Auerbach

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UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd tricolour red merle dog in autumn sunshine

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UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd black tricolour dog in harvested straw field with rainbow