The United Kingdom Miniature American Shepherd Club
The Club
UKMASC is a non-profit organisation. We endeavour to set the bench-mark for sound and responsible breeding practices dedicated to the improvement and advancement of the 'Mini American'.
We advocate the highest ethical standards among breeders, owners and enthusiasts and encourage a spirit of sportsmanship and cooperation among the membership.

UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd black tricolour dog and puppy with tinsel UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd red tricolour dog happy with football

Find Us On Facebook!
UKMASC has a Facebook community page which we use as a bulletin board and public information point for major news items and events. Please feel free to mosey on down and 'like' us while you're there.

We also operate a Facebook discussion group which is available to members only.

UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd tricolour red merle happy chewing stick
UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd blach tricolour dog rolling on blanket

UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd tricolour red merle jumping agility

News and Events
To help keep our members up to date with all the news and latest developments at home and in the States, UKMASC produces a quarterly e-newsletter which is emailed direct to members.
Although the MAS is a comparatively new breed to the UK, these amazing, versatile dogs have already made a big impact! Several have already qualified for their KC Good Citizens Gold awards, many are working at the top of the agility grades and have represented the breed and their country at Crufts and major national agility finals, whilst others are enjoying flyball and yet more have qualified as Therapy dogs, working in hospitals and institutions. UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd black tricolour competing at Crufts
For those MAS competing in agility (KC or independent) we have an annual points league for members which culminates in awards at the AGM.

UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd black tricolour doing agility seesaw
UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd red tricolour competing at flyball

As the number of MAS and their enthusiasts has grown steadily, we have organised social events for our member's information and enjoyment. Our membership includes people with a wealth of expertise in a wide range of canine sports and activities, so each meeting of our supporters and members had provided an opportunity not only to socialise but to exchange information and ideas.

Our first Herding Instinct day proved popular, with several members travelling long distances to attend. Twelve of our dogs did very well for their first time around stock, gaining a resounding positive appraisal for their working potential. Our first agility training 'meet' was enormously popular too, featuring specialists in jump grids as well as general training. We've more training meets planned for the coming season.

News and upcoming events featuring our MAS are posted on our Facebook community page so if you're hoping to see some of these dogs in the fur for the first time, keep an eye out for events where you'll be able to do so.

UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd black tricolour jumping in agility

Our Logo
The UKMASC logo was specially created for us to reflect the history of the MAS and our own association with these amazing dogs.
The left part of the logo is half a Union Jack which represents the UK, the right section comprises a line of stars which acknowledges both the dog's native country of America, and the Australian flag to reflect the breed's origins. The lines within the Union Jack flag and the vertical lines formed by the stars and the UKMASC letters, support the 'stars and stripes' feel of the logo.
We have used red white and blue as our base colours because they comprise the national flags of the UK, the USA and Australia. The five stars represent the first five Minis to arrive in the UK, three red (for the girls) and two blue (for the boys.)

UKMASC The UK Miniature American Shepherd Club three club logo variants

Club Clothing

Members may purchase a range of clothing and sportswear embroidered with our logo, from our specialist supplier. Club colours are red, white, blue and black and the three colour versions of the logo have been designed to complement these backgrounds.

Membership Fees
Subscriptions run from 1st January – 31st December each year and are payable by 31st January each year to maintain membership.
New subscriptions received after 1st October are carried forward to the following year.

Annual Membership Fees    (2015)
(any person aged 14yrs and over) £10.00
(two persons living at the same address) £12.50
(two adults plus children under 16 living at the same address) £15.00

Joining up couldn't be easier. If you're as convinced as we are that the MAS is the breed for you, you'd like to join in the fun and help us progress the breed in the country, just click the button below.

or if you prefer snail-mail, download a printable version here.

We even accept payment by PayPal.

UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd tricolour red dog pretty face
UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd tricolour red merle dog blue amber eye in grass
UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd tricolour blue merle looking at owner
UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd three Mini American Shepherds sitting on beach