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Be assured that you will never find UKMASC puppies advertised for sale on internet puppy-finding websites. The only place that UK MAS puppies are mentioned are on this website, or on the breeder's individual websites.

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Acquiring a MAS can be a lengthy process. Because all our dogs are also much-loved family pets and house-dogs, we do not re-home or sell our adults or ex-breeding stock. As our dogs are our pets and our working companions we don't breed very often, and the wait can be considerable. All good things come to he who waits however, and we happen to think these special dogs are worth every minute.

UKMASC breeders have only occasional litters, and all maintain waiting lists. Expect to fill in an application form, answer a lot of questions and have several long phone or email conversations with your chosen breeder, before you will be accepted onto a waiting list. This isn't personal, the breeder is just doing their best to match the right pup with the right forever home.

UKMASC 5* Breeders
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Ivorred Mini Americans
United Kingdom Miniature American Shepherd Club UKMASC 5 star breeder scheme
Miniature American Shepherds

UK, Cheshire
Kilnhurst Mini Americans
United Kingdom Miniature American Shepherd Club UKMASC 5 star breeder scheme Kilnhurst
Miniature American Shepherds

UK, Scottish Borders
Papikoi Mini Americans
United Kingdom Miniature American Shepherd Club UKMASC 5 star breeder scheme Papikoi
Miniature American Shepherds

UK, Shropshire
Xions Mini Americans
United Kingdom Miniature American Shepherd Club UKMASC 5 star breeder scheme Xions
Miniature American Shepherds
UK, Northern Ireland

United Kingdom Miniature American Shepherd Club UKMASC 5 star breeder scheme Ironpaws
Miniature American Shepherds

UK, Wiltshire

UKMASC Breeders
The following UKMASC members are active breeders or have breeding plans within the current club year (January -December annually)

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Care, training, socialisation and welfare
Puppies are cute - they're born that way. But before considering a lifetime with a MAS please take the time to answer the following questions honestly, to yourself.

Can you ...

    • Keep your dog busy enough to stay out of trouble? MAS are very intelligent and will find ways to entertain and exercise themselves if you don't.  An MAS' idea of entertaining himself will include barking, chewing, digging and possibly escaping.
    • Manage a physically powerful dog that has strong guarding instincts, may be reserved with strangers and see it as his 'duty' to protect his family?
    • Handle a dog that may chase and herd livestock and people, if not properly trained?
    • Stand having a constant companion, in absolutely everything you do, all day, every day? MAS are extremely devoted.
    • Commit to train your puppy from the day it arrives home? Do you have the skill and dedication to transform an unruly puppy into a well-mannered companion?
    • Commit to at least an hour of daily exercise such as walks, ball-throwing or frisbee, whatever the weather?
    • Train your puppy not to chase children and nip at heels? Some dogs can become overstimulated by the noise and activity levels of young children.
    • Properly and thoroughly socialise your puppy from a young age? An untrained, under-socialised MAS is a ticking time-bomb.
    • Groom your dog thoroughly every other week for the next decade or more? MAS have a thick double-coat and this will shed heavily if not frequently groomed.

MAS are a very big commitment to live with and to train. However, they are intelligent, loyal, devoted and affectionate to a great degree. Every minute of your time and every ounce of your attention and dedication, will be repaid a thousandfold by your dog. Your relationship with this breed of dog is like a mirror; the more light you shine on it, the more bounces back and lights up your life.

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Finding the right breeder
How do you know if the breeder you have contacted is a person of integrity, committed to bettering their breed? It can be hard to tell, especially if this is the first time you’ve sought out a purebred breeder. Here are a few guidelines to help you make that decision.

  • A reputable breeder will not release puppies earlier than eight weeks of age.
  • A reputable breeder requires a sales contract. The detail varies from breeder to breeder, but usually spells out the rights of seller and buyer, health information and buy-back/return policy.
  • A reputable breeder shows an extensive interest in, love for and knowledge of the breed. They care deeply about placing puppies in good homes and will interview potential buyers thoroughly, ask for references and refuse to sell a dog if necessary.
  • A reputable breeder is well-informed about health issues in the breed, routinely tests all breeding stock for problems and passes this information along to buyers. Beware of breeders who scoff at genetic testing and say their particular breed or line is problem-free. Ask for proof of health testing, which should as an absolute minimum, include eye and hip clearances certificates for both parents.
  • A reputable breeder will know the dogs’ pedigrees well. All lines have faults of some description or another. The breeder should know the faults their own lines may carry and be able to discuss these in depth and advise you of all implications.
  • The environment in which the breeder keeps their dogs and puppies should be clean and well-maintained. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS ON THIS!
  • A reputable breeder is actively involved in the dog world, including working or breed clubs.
  • A reputable breeder is willing to provide answers to questions you may have and is willing to provide names of others who have purchased pups.
  • A reputable breeder will allow you to meet the puppy’s parents or, if the father isn’t available, be willing to show pictures.
  • A reputable breeder follows up on puppies. They are keenly interested to know how the pups develop physically and mentally, and any difficulties in the owner-dog relationship and health problems.
  • A reputable breeder rarely has more than one litter a year, possibly two.
  • Due to the time, the energy and intelligence of this breed, a reputable breeder will limit themselves to the number of dogs that they can realistically build a loving relationship and partnership with.

(Originally from: Woodhaven Labradors, adapted by UKMASC)

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UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd tricolour blue merle head
How much is a fair price?
To completely answer this question you must have an understanding of what goes in to raising a litter of healthy pups. No dog owner with a conscience, goes into breeding with the idea of making a profit. Most breeders break even on a litter if they are lucky - litters are most often raised at a slight financial loss and certainly a huge cost in time, love and devotion. When setting a price for a pup, the breeder must take into account what it costs to maintain the female for a year, the cost of stud fees and transport and ante-natal care and not least the cost to properly whelp, socialise, train, and produce a health-tested litter.

The price a UKMASC breeder will charge is for fully registered puppies with all records, registries, parents titles, lines and kennel breeding history available for all to see. These pups additionally come with a guarantee as to clearances for certain health defects, depending on the testing of the parents.
The finer points of pricing may also depend on the kennel you are selecting a puppy from. If the puppy is from a show champion (Ch), working trials champion (WTCh), obedience champion (ObCh), or agility champion (AgCh), etc, the price will expected to reflect this.

There is also the matter of ongoing after-sales support, which all UKMASC 5* breeders provide unreservedly. This is effectively a promise of twelve or more years of 24-7 back-up; access to practical advice, physical assistance or even emergency cover and rescue. Would you yourself guarantee to be on call night and day for your professional services, for less than 23p a day for the next decade?

UKMASC Miniature American Shepherd tricolour red merle in snow

When picking a puppy, remember the old adage that if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Breeders that breed for the money will not have a full set of health checks done on their dogs, will vary the price of puppies based on gender, coat or eye colour etc and will not spend the extra time on socialisation, testing, and training.
Sadly, there will always be bargain-hunters who believe there is financial advantage in buying a puppy that has no guarantees behind it and no loving and caring home from which to start it's life's adventure.